Mittwoch, 11. März 2009

京 迷宫 日光灯 艺术 大自然 正在 纽约艺术·北京 正在中国访问 Labyrinth in Fluorescence Art Progress NY Arts Beijing China 09 /
Digital Art in Fluorescence on Installation with 49 Paintings to the Elements by Homage to Nature. In Middle the Spiral Sculpture in Metall with the fireburnt Symbols " aion - primal geometry " in. Experiments Blacklight Exhibition on Tournee since 2005
with first Symbols found in Nature since 1998 on the Road all over the World by Alpswissart in Communicative Artproject.
Installation with Paintings to the Elements with intuitive Body Art by Artist Barbara Streiff. Sound Digeridu by Bruno Kaelin.