Dienstag, 20. November 2007

1000m2 installation in fluorescence kunstfabrik mollis 07-08

1000m2 installation in fluorescence kunstfabrik mollis 07-08
experiment blacklight exhibition on tournee since 2005
with first symbols found in nature aion-primal geometry
since 1998 on the road all over the world in communicative art
exchange by alpswissart on newsletter of ocpa/unesco paris 05

projekt von alpswissart.ch barbara streiff
technische instruktion: bruno kälin
photograph: ruedi kuchen

im internationalen kunstaustausch seit 1998
im atelier kunstfabrik ch zusammenarbeit mit künstlern aus aller welt 2004

abraham lubelski nyartsmagazine international,
art clay artdirector ethz.ch nyc-berlin-zh www.digitalartweeks.ethz.ch
makudy sall afrika, tina zimmermann berlin - san francisco,
sofia camargo sao paulo - berlin, antifrost bern ch,
ruedi kuchen ch, sofronios mantis cy.

new art installation in kunstfabrik mollis

Church According to McLuhan, 2000- 2007

Art Clay (USA) & Urs Jaeggi (CHE)

The Church is a conglomeration of messages in the form of icons. The most apparent and the one that is at the root of the design of the church is the stereotypical form of the TV. The steps fo the church, indicating an ascent to enlightenment in the form of ultimate delusion, bring the electronic consumer of "the message" (i.e. the- try-me-and-buy-me-world-belief) to the pinnacle of necessity: adjusting the TV antenna. The metamorphoses of the TV into the symbol for death (pre-Christian) is seen as an ascent to a modern g.o.d. (global omnipresent delusion).

The TV antenna itself is actually the new Consumer Cross in the form of a traditional TV antenna. The metaphorical use of the word "cross" indicates a balance of the mind and the body. The cross in its pre-Christian form had balanced parts. The Latin cross places more importance on mind over body wtih a vertical beam longer. The post-Latin cross, (TV-antenna) places more emphasis on the body by doubling the horizontal line.

The version of the Chruch on display here is in the form of a „spiral“. Mirrors, chalk bpard services as well as the icons and the „wortbild“ from Urs Jaeggi can be fully enjoyed by just walking around or sitting on the church. This version of the Church installation was created especially for the black light artist, Barbara Streiff.

- Art Clay

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