Donnerstag, 22. November 2007

OCPA/ for the Communicative Art Project International by Alpswissart

OCPA/ Communicative Art Project International is not for profit and all rights are held by the organization alpswissart. All use and profit from the project without consent is prohibited. The rights for the use and the profit of the local exhibitions organized by member artists belong to the organizers and participants. For artists from different areas and cultures all over the world. The aim is to encourage more communication, respect, and acceptance by bringing all cultures together.

installation on 1000m2 in atelier kunstfabrik mollis
symbols found in nature - interactive installation - fluorescence - primal geometry in experiments

curator exhibition and movie: barbara streiff
photos: ruedi kuchen
sound: peter ziegelmeier san francisco

artists - curator - artdirector - dozent - students - publishers in communicative art exchange all over the world:

abraham lubelski publisher ny arts - china artfairs international
art clay new media digitalart ethz-ny-berlin-ch,
bruno kälin & barbara streiff, curator-artist-technical instruction
sofia camargo brasil curator blacklight potsdamerplatz berlin,
digital designer international tina zimmermann berlin,
christiano palermo milano, anne a. vogt intra italy,
antifrost movies - performance - objectart ch,
corinna matter designer - architekt interieur frankurt-ch,
art students of alpswissart international artschool
heidi van sprundel, christof seliner, july hauser, bettina keller

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